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Our 5 L's for Growth


Health, Relationships, and Personal Growth, the foundation for all other growth


Continually growing in Your strength zone through leverage


Learning to Lead, Grow, and Succeed through others


Continual growth with opportunity for you and those you serve


Where does all of this growth lead you? What is it all about?

Our Mission

To be the guide that enables others to discover who they need to become and what they need to do to get exactly what they want.

Our Vision

To be the most valuable resource in creating and growing businesses, relationships, lives, and generational wealth.

You can be anywhere you want to be within 5 years.

Who do you need to become?

We have been lucky enough to grow more in the last 10 years than ever before and we owe it all to THESE five things. In addition to massive growth personally and professionally, we've also built amazing relationships with some of the brightest minds in the business. And now,  we've brought all of this together to create Growthward Consulting to help you grow more than you ever thought possible as well. 

Rest assured that we’ve been where you are and can show you the path forward. We're committed to making a lasting impact in your life.

And if you're committed to reaching your goals, I invite you to register for a free consultation.

You'll meet with our Vice President, Shana Ackles, to create a plan to reach your goals. 

Once we've created your plan, we can help you execute.

We have options for every person, business, and budget. AND don't worry, your consultation is just that  - a consultation.

We're here to help!


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Brought to you by

Shana Ackles

Kristan Cole


"Shana is marvelously committed to those she works with and the causes to which she chooses to devote her time. When she decides she's going to do something, she does it with an all encompassing passion.

I have personally seen the great work that Shana does and the affect she can have on a team and a business."

- Alison Bradley

"I coach with Kristan personally and run a team in New Jersey. We've been in the top 1% of our market for almost 10 years now and I'm always looking for a competitive edge.

That's why I love Kristan and her team. They are leaders in the industry and she helps me stay on top of my game so that I constantly improve, do a better job for my clients, and sell more homes!"

- Stacy Esser