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Growthward Consulting is more than just accountability and systems. 

Leadership, Growth, and Legacy Coaching

48 private one on one calls per year focused on personal growth, team growth, expansion, exit strategy and legacy. Shana and Kristan will hand select your coach, a coach that understands who you are and how to effectively communicate with you, where you have been and where you want to go. 

Concierge Consulting

Often people just need a consultation, a few hours to look at an opportunity, for a private financial review, to review goals and set action items, to talk through a challenging conversation, and more. We can be the resource to quickly and effectively walk you through any of these and more, point you toward the right resources, and leave a call with actionable items to move through any challenge. 


Leadership Retreats, Team Building, and Private Classes

We are experts in assisting in a format, creating the materials, and hosting private in-person and virtual classes, retreats, planning sessions, and more. Tailored to you and your organization. 

Momentum Coaching

Moving business owners through each ceiling to achieve more:  12 to  24 private calls per year. Thorough Needs Analysis Intake Call. Annual goal setting, business planning, and vision casting, Quarterly review of all goals, gap analysis, and financial review. Free access to all classes, playbooks, systems, masterminds, and more. 

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Consulting vs. Coaching


Simply put coaching requires you to explore possibilities and consulting provides you with possibilities. Consulting gives us the opportunity to genuinely help our clients and make an impact on their lives.

Each of our consultants possess the expertise and skill to assist you in achieving your goals. Our consultants take into account the whole picture. That means they ask you about your professional life, your personal life, and everything in between. They understand that your business and life will grow to the extent that you do.

Whether its a one-hour phone call, ongoing relationship, or business planning clinic for your entire team - Growthward Consulting is designed to give you only what you need and nothing more. Sometimes growing your business requires you to ask yourself hard questions and do some soul searching. Sometimes it doesn't. At Growthward Consulting we can help you identify the difference and guide you along your journey.

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