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Learn how Christy was able to go from 20 to 30 transactions in three months. Christy admits that she's in the messy middle and is focusing on putting the systems in place to create more leverage in her business. After hitting her stretch goal in the 4th quarter of last year, she wanted to challenge herself and raise the bar. This is when she hired someone to focus on her database, and her 80%. Her goal is to close 50 transactions this year. I know she can do it!


Clint Wulf, a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty Boise/Southwest Idaho, transitioned from working in the hospitality industry for 20 years to building a Real Estate Business, during one of the most challenging times our industry has faced.  He is currently in his third full year and his BIG GOAL is to double and roundup his business this year.

Tune in as we dive into his journey and the roadblocks he was facing coming into the real estate world.


Patrick James and Shana Ackles interviewed Valerie Buss, owner of Kachemak Keller Williams.

You will learn how Valerie transitioned herself into the real estate business at the height of the pandemic, purchased the largest brokerage in Homer, AK and increased her business by 181%.


Patrick James and Shana Ackles sat down with our client Darby Middleton to discuss the path that led her to the significant success she has achieved in today's challenging market. Listen in, as we dive into the importance of mindset shifts and surrounding yourself with a community that not only lifts you up but pushes you forward.


Being passionate about what you do requires dedication, hard work, and focus. A healthy balance does have its challenges but it is very achievable. 

Let's take one of our elite clients, Josh Wright, a singer-songwriter, who serves the music ministry and is a licensed realtor. In this interview with Chase Delperdang and myself, you will learn how Josh maximizes his full potential to plan and pursue each goal in his career and personal life.


Learn how Cora Carleson, a licensed Realtor, and Broker, created an exit strategy for her business, determined and implemented the necessary systems, and realized a significant year-over-year increase in business, and time. 


Learn how Chelsea Musser, a licensed Alabama Realtor, overcomes the obstacles of her daily life as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur while growing a thriving real estate business together with her husband.


Learn how Sarah Dykema, Realtor/Founder and Team Leader of Purpose Life Homes, gets through the challenges of her daily life from being a mom, and a wife and leading her team in the real estate business in California.


Ryan Lowry, realtor, and owner of The Good Life Team has successfully done a reverse expansion, experienced strategic growth, and maintained a healthy life and family less than a year!