Sherri Mulhaney


Sherri Mulhaney is a professional business & life consultant who helps men and women get on, and stay on, the path to success both professionally and personally.

After 17 years as a top producing agent in the real estate business, successfully establishing and maintaining a database and systems for high level production, Sherri has successfully sold her real estate business and now enjoys consulting and coaching full time. 

Sherri loves to hike with her golden retrievers, scuba dive and spend time in the sun and is literally living her dream.  If you want to live your dream, Sherri will help you get there! 

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"Coaching with Sherri has been amazing to say the least. For where I am in my life and business I need exactly the kind of coach Sherri is. It is obvious that she cares about the growth of her agents in all areas of their lives and that’s important to me... I also love that she is so personable with me and takes the time to read what I’ve written and provide feedback. Her style of coaching is direct but it’s done with love."

- Brandi Washington

"Sherri's coaching style is motivating, inspirational, and creative. As my coach, she has helped evolve and broaden my mindset in regard to business development (how I operate my business), business growth (how I generate leads) and retention of my business (how I follow up with my database). She is educated, professional and experienced. Sherri is NOT scripted. Sherri is genuine, honest and kind. She is an amazing coach and an amazing human being."  

- Clint Wulf

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sherri for the past few months, and she has been an amazing coach. She has me figured out, has determined my strengths, and is bringing the best out of me. She has changed my mindset and renewed my confidence. Sherri’s willingness to share her own professional and personal adventures show her sincere passion to help others. She lives with purpose, and I know will guide me to live my dreams!"

- DeeAnn Hanson